Working capital for day to day operations or bank loans to financial capital projects, we help organizations secure needed capital.

Broadview team of advisors’ provides clients’ with strategy advisory services in the areas of formulation, development, and implementation of revenue generating initiatives and policies. We help organizations develop the strategic culture necessary to accomplish management goals and make organizations competitive in the marketplace.

  • Business Counseling and Business Plan write-ups
  • Outsourced Chief Strategy Officer/ CEO services
  • Business advisory solutions including Business Planning write-up, Business Valuation services, Mergers & Acquisition
  • Healthcare and Medical Practice consulting services
  • Business Accreditation services – Application for CARF, MBE, 8a certifications
  • Business licensure services – application for RSA, Home Health, Mental Health agency business license services


Working capital for day to day operations or SBA or bank loans to financial business operations or capital projects, we help organizations secure needed capital.

We are able to assist you if you are looking for financial or strategic investors with capital to help you initiate, grow or expand your business opportunities. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive network of lenders and investors with appetite for viable investment opportunities. We have assisted businesses and churches raised needed funds to acquire and build properties including raising working capital for day to day business operations.

  • Project Financing Services, Debt and Equity Financing
  • Development of investor or banking book for capital raising
  • Deal structuring and Financial Analysis
  • Business line of credit and business loan raising services


Our Advisors Meet with Client to Discuss Financing Needs

One of our trusted financial advisors meet with client or business owner or manager to discuss their needs and evaluate their ability to successfully secure financing. If both parties decides to work together, during the engagement period, in connection with such engagement, the Broadview advisor or consultant shall work with the business to achieve the following deliverables:

a) Development of Bank Grade Financial Statements

The Broadview Advisor will work with the Company to review its financial records and needed documentations required by lenders. If necessary, we work with client to prepare management reports or compiled financial statements and develop and maintain throughout the process of the capital raising a fully integrated bank grade financial statements and other information requested by lenders.

b) Bank Identification & Engagement Strategy

Broadview will work with the Company to develop a fund raising strategy, including identification and engagement with any Lender who show interest in providing working capital and assisting the Company in responding in a timely manner to questions potential lenders may have and meetings with potential Lenders, as well as helping to providing any additional information that will enable the Lender make a capital financing decision. If any Bank expresses interest, assist the Company in the negotiation process and on deciding the form of association between the Company and the Lender.

c) Articulation of High-Level Project / Investment Thesis and Creating optimal Capital Raising Structure

The Broadview Consultant will work with the Company to develop and articulate a succinct but compelling growth capital financing thesis, including a revenue model, growth strategy for the Company that would improve the Company’s chances of securing the capital it needs. In addition, we would provide advice on the optimal capital raising structure that aligns with the long-term goals. This growth capital thesis is critical to clearly demonstrating analytically the business opportunity and the opportunity for significant financial returns to the lending institutions. As a part of this task, the Broadview Consultant will assist the Company in optimizing its internal business operational structure, corporate governance structures and revenue model to improve its financing options.

d) Development of Bank Grade ad hoc Materials

Subsequent to the above steps, Broadview Consultant will use the information and analysis developed, together with the additional information provided by the Company prepare any ad hoc reports or information memorandum which will be used to engage strategic partners, institutional lenders for fundraising. The Information Memorandum will include traditional components of a business plan, including:

a. Financial Forecasting: Development and maintenance of a fully integrated 3-statement, assumption-driven Financial Forecast in the form of an Excel spreadsheet for each aspect/component of the Project and consolidated into one Pro-Forma Financial Project. The Financial Forecast's features will include: i. Key assumptions regarding customer acquisition, revenue sources, pricing, costs, payment terms, capital expenditures, etc. identified and quantified in consultation with the Client
ii. Three standard schedules: income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements
iii. Operation expenses grouped by department/unit
iv. Summary charts and tables for inclusion in Investor Information Memorandum

e) Bank Due Diligence Process

The Broadview Consultant will work with the Company to respond to due diligence questions that the Lender who has decided to provide growth capital may have. The Consultant will also assist the Company to organize itself for due diligence including identifying and preparing a due diligence responses, responding to due diligence questions and assisting the Company prepare itself for extensive due diligence.

f) Deal Finalization and Financial Closing Support

Upon successful conclusion of due diligence, the Broadview Consultant will assist the Company during the process of negotiations and finalization of transaction documents and Term Sheets.