Accounting & Financial Management

Bring your accounting out of the fog and into the cloud. Ask us about QuickBooks Online. Achieve your goal for accurate, useful, and timely financial statements.

With the Broadview Advisors Accounting Service, you put the best financial practices to work for you, while adding a team of strategic, financial experts to your team, helping you achieve your financial goals. Don’t wait. Get started today in leading your organization to financial success.

Our accountants and advisors are recognized leader in performing accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting services. We enable our clients to achieve their goals for accurate, useful, and timely financial statements and analysis by providing customized onsite and offsite services. We provide:

  • Outscored Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Management Services
  • Compilation and Financial Review Reporting Services
  • Accounting Services to Nonprofit Organizations including churches and foundations
  • Preparation of Financial Statements for Banks and other regulatory organizations
  • Quick Books, Peachtree, Power Church or other accounting software set-up and support
  • Internal Control Systems Set-up and Compliance Testing
  • Risk Management and Outsourced CFO and Interim Controller

Our Monthly Bookkeeping and Accounting Scope of Work

Broadview Advisors & Company, Inc. will provide qualified personnel with financial and technical expertise necessary to provide the bookkeeping and accounting services client’s management team. Our primary objective include:

  • Recording of financial transactions from bank statements and other source documents;
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Notes to the financial statements);
  • Analyzing and helping management team understand their financial positions and performance for reported period;
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of client financial information including accounting data;
  • Providing client with soft copies of accounting data per request;
  • To submit financial reports to client management team and discuss any findings with management;
  • Provide professional advice on accounting issues that may come to our attention;
  • Provide general business and financial advisory services to management as needed;
  • Our typical scope of work does not include accounts payable and accounts receivable management.
  • Our Work Approach

    Broadview will apply its commitment to customer satisfaction and extensive experience and knowledge of Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP) to successfully achieve the engagement’s objectives. We will give special consideration to ongoing monitoring in the course of normal operations and in line with our contractual engagement.

    Why Choose Us

    We are not just Accountants, We are Trusted Business Advisors. Broadview’s’ team of trusted advisors have deep entrepreneurial, accounting, finance and management consulting backgrounds. Organizations choose us because of the following:

    • Our philosophy of doing what’s right for our clients. Period. That all that matters!;
    • Our extensive experience and expertise of our advisors in relevant industries;
    • Our philosophy of helping clients make substantial improvements and build a great firm;
    • Our unique approach of development clear understanding of each business needs and goals;
    • Affordability, flexibility and customized accounting and business advisory solutions.

    What To Expect

    • We do all the heavy lifting regarding bookkeeping and recording financial transactions;
    • Client management and staffs have more time to focus and build their organization;
    • Availability of timely reports and data management need to make informed decisions;
    • Having a dedicated Broadview staff manage the engagement and do all of your financial entry.

    Choose The Pricing That Right For You

    Your next question is probably, “How much does it cost?” Well, the first thing you should know is that our accounting service has no setup fee. That is right. NO SETUP FEE! We will not charge any additional fee to “set up” the account when initiated. All that is required to start is the first month’s fee.

    We will charge a monthly fee based on a reasonable expectation of any annual income for the service year. The pre-defined monthly rates are as follows, and cover 12 months from the start date. The start date can be either the first day of the month of initiation or the first day of the month following initiation, at your option.

    $249/month for annual income up to $250,000
    $349/month for annual income up to $500,000
    $449/month for annual income up to $750,000
    $549/month for annual income up to $1,000,000
    $649/month for annual income up to $1,500,000
    $749/month for annual income up to $2,000,000

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